Bug in Course csd3-2018 Stage 14 Puzzle 8


a student of mine is trying to us the sun in her animated card. She erases the sun’s face in the animation tab, but when she shares it in a new tab the sun’s face flashes on and off. it is like the “dual image” that is available in later lessons is still popping up. Here is her shared card.



Thanks for sharing, but the link still doesn’t work and sends me to a Outlook Sign In page. The issue sounds strange, can you try to share the link again?



Hi Lindsey,

It looks like she’s erased the eyes from one frame of the animation, but not the other frame. When she clicks on the animation of the sun in the animation tab, she will see the big picture that looks like the sun with no eyes, but just to the left of it is a smaller thumbnail of both the animation frames. She can see that one has eyes and one doesn’t (the rays are slightly rotated between the two so the animation makes the sun “shine” a little more actively). She should click on the one with eyes and it will pop up in the big editing area. She can then delete the eyes from that one, and the animation shouldn’t flash those eyes anymore.



the animation did not have two frames in the level she was working on. I know it does later on, but since the students hadn’t been introduced to multiple frame images, none of them have them right now. That’s why I thought it was weird that is was moving and had eyes in a “hidden” frame.

Lindsey Saylor
Edna Hill Middle School
7th/ 8th Grade Computer Science