Request for Help with Flashing Sprites in Unit 3 Game Lab

Link to the project or level: Game Lab -

What I expect to happen: Player sprite to appear constantly without flashing or blinking

What actually happens: Player sprite flashes/blinks when code is run

What I’ve tried: Comparing code to the my own example as well as the example code to identify differences

The project doesnt appear to be shared. Can you turn on sharing?

Without seeing it, though, my best guess is that there is something wrong with the animation.

Open the animation tab and see if anything looks funny and/ or delete the animation and re-add it.

That may solve the problem.

Let us know!


Sorry about that! It should be shared now. The animation does have two frames each (for right and left) but that appears simpler to the other examples that are not blinking.

Anything you might be able to identity as the cause for this issues would be great. It seems to be impact about a quarter of my students.

Thanks again!


The left facing sprite appears to be corrupted. In the animation tab, when i click on it, it blinks.

I’ve seen this in the past and the only way i know to fix it is to delete it and re-add it.

It just happens from time to time, but I’m not sure why.


Thanks very much, Mike! I’ll let the impacted students know to delete and re-add any blinking sprites going forward. Really appreciate your confirmation that I wasn’t missing a deeper root cause!


Just wanted to let everyone know I’m experiencing the same bug with the blinking sprites. We delete and re-add, but it’s an unending cycle so we now just deal with it. It used to only happen with some students, but now it’s almost all of my students.


Please report that to so it’s on the engineer’s radar. It hasn’t spread like wildfire with my students yet, but it is a bug I think it would be good to get looked at.


Here is a link to a student’s project that keeps flashing. I will also send a message to support. Thank you!



Yes, it appears that your sunset background is flashing. I’m sure if they delete it and re-upload it, it would work, but it is annoying to have to do that. I’m not sure what causes the issue, but reporting it can’t hurt.


This has happened to most of my students as well in the past few months. I have found a quick fix, although I do hope it gets worked out soon.

To fix flashing sprites: Go to the animation tab, and click on the offending animation. Add a frame, then delete it. Somehow, that fixes it, although it’s a bit whack-a-mole too because another sprite often starts flashing next.

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