Game Lab Sprite Issue with SHARE LINK

I have students turn in the SHARE LINK to their projects. When they are working on say Lesson 17 in Game Lab creating an Interactive Sprite the animation/sprite looks fine. But when a student visits the SHARE LINK to the creation the sprites have added extra blank frames and are drawn with a blinking image. Is this a new issue? or something my students are doing? Thanks

For whatever reason, sprites that are animating but only have one frame flash on and off. Call spriteVariable.pause() for each single-frame sprite to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Hi @kposten,

I haven’t seen that in some time but sounds like it is still happening based on your report. Here is a post that explains the “why”. The post also gives another suggested fix to delete the sprite and add it in again. Hopefully these solutions will fix your flashing sprites!


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