"Flashing" Sprites

I don’t know why, and I’ve been meaning to contact y’all, is there a reason why my animations sometimes wind up flashing in the ‘code’ section? When that happens, I can’t seem to figure out how to make that stop, in that when that happens, it sometimes affects the proper function of what we’re trying to code.
The flashing images are also flashing in the Animation tab, where they’re created.

My project so far (dunno if they’ll be flashing for y’all… they are for me)… attached link.

Hi @hrramirez,

So, very weird. I looked and looked for code that could be causing the flashing but didn’t see a thing. When I read it happens in your animation tab, I looked for an extra animation frame for the sprites but did not see one. I then deleted the original sprites and replaced all them with identical sprites in the animation tab and the flashing is gone. But, I wonder if you did the same would the new sprites still be flashing? If this has been an ongoing problem or continues to be a problem, you should contact support and report the issue.



I have seen this issue periodically and @melynn is correct, the only solution I have found is to delete and replace the sprites. You could report it as @melynn suggests. I am not sure what is the cause, but replacing the sprites has always worked for me.


I contacted Code.org support for this. My students were getting frustrated because even if you delete it, it can still happen. I was told that it is a bug between Google extensions (more often Google Read&Write) and the Code.org website.

We do use Google Read&Write but have for years and I haven’t seen this issue in the past until late November. I think it is more likely an update to one of those things. I told my students we knew why it was happening and knew we didn’t have a quick fix and to move on.

Hope that helps to understand where it is coming from.

Hmmm … I don’t use Read & Write and I still periodically see that happen, but it usually goes away if I delete the sprite and reload it.


Mike -
It is interesting you say that. I told the support person I didn’t think it was just Google Read&Write as this has never happened to use over the 5 years we have had the app.

Glad to hear the delete function works. I will recommend that to this next group of students.

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Gonna try what appears to be the consensus… delete/replace. Thanks for the tips, everyone. Truly appreciated!

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