Game Lab-Sprite Issue

Not sure why these sprites leave a trail when its walking left and right?

Link to project: Game Lab -

Make sure the background sprite isn’t animating. Call bg.pause() at the start of the game.

It looks like Donkey Kong is also suffering from the same issue. Call when setting his animation to something with multiple frames and kong.pause() when his animation only has one frame.

For whatever reason, any sprite that is animating with only one frame will just flash on and off.

That worked…btw: why would the 1-frame sprite animate as there are not empty frames to cycle through or is it cycling b/c other sprites contain multiple frames?


Hi @michael.coyner,

It seems we have a few flashing sprites today! (I just read another post with this issue today). This has happened in the past. Here is a post that talks about the “why” and suggests a fix to simply delete sprite and put it back. I did that with your kong sprite (here is my remix). I did have to copy it from the original and paste it into a new sprite but that worked. It is no longer flashing. Also, I believe the trailing with the walking kong had to do with your background. Your original background was very tall with some whitespace at the bottom? Almost as if the canvas was very tall but the image only took up some of that space. (See screenshot below). Anyway, I deleted that background and added it again and the animation no longer trails. It does sound like you have resolved the issue with @wutadam’s fixes.
Have a good day!

How would the extra white space get added to the BG sprite as it was imported from the library?


@michael.coyner -

I don’t know. I figured you did not add it because in the animation space - I did not see the extra tall canvas. With that said, I don’t know how it got there. You can submit the question to support - perhaps they have an idea or it perhaps it has happened to others. I have not seen that before.


This solved our flashing sprites that only have one frame. Thank you!!!

I hope the engineers can figure out why this happens sometimes. I have two students this week with the problem on Unit 3 Lesson 20. I put in a support ticket so it is on their problem list.

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