Sprite Issues - not working correctly

  • A student is creating his own sprite and after he creates it and sets the animation, the sprite disappears (this is a student who is very strong in computer science so it is not lack of knowledge). This has happened to others as well.
  • A student is going to the animation tab to create a new sprite and as he is trying to create a second sprite, it is not allowing it to happen, it is just showing the animation of the first sprite.

We are trying to figure out if this is a district issue or if others are having similar issues. Also, if you have any suggestions on how to help trouble shoot I would appreciate them.


I have escalated this to the Code.org team. A couple of suggestions: Can you report this as a bug so the Code.org team can check into this? It maybe helpful to post the students’ code so the team can look for possible problems.


I have had this happen with one student, also a very strong programmer. They sprites were basic shapes, not overly complicated, but they all disappeared from the animation tab



Sorry to hear - please submit a Bug Ticket so that the Code.org team can look into this.



I am having the same issue with a student’s sprite on Unit 3 Lesson 14. I submitted a bug report, but anyone seeing something that I am not seeing. For some reason the sprite eggplant is not showing up.

The code



Hi Ross,

The reason the eggplant is not showing up is that it’s touching the spatula, which causes it to disappear. When you first run the program, the mouse is off the game area, so when the computer gets its x and y coordinates, it makes them both 0. That means that the spatula is located at (0,0) and touches the eggplant, causing it to disappear as soon as the game starts.

Update: I just talked to someone one the Game Lab team, and they are looking at a fix that would make the default x and y of the mouse be a different number that is further off the screen. This would fix the problem moving forward.