Errors in the bubbles

When I went to lesson 21 today I kept getting errors telling me they couldn’t load the animation “star”. Thanks for the support and all your do.

My students are not able to load any animations today. We get this error message for each page we try saying that the animation will not load and a button to either reload the page or delete the animation.

Something must be broken because its happening to me as well. I’m sure they will fix it soon.

Are engineers are working on this right now, I’ll update this thread when we have a fix ready. Sorry all for the inconvenience.

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Ironically, it looks like this was caused by an attempt to fix programs that had lost their animations - cue sad trombone. A fix is going out and should land in the next few hours.

The fix should be live now, please let me know if you continue to have issues. If you’re not on the CSD mailing list and didn’t receive my email about this issue earlier this morning, I’m adding it below:

If your students are currently working on CS Discoveries Unit 3, please read below.

We received several reports from teachers this morning about some of our Game Lab levels that involve animations. Students may be seeing a dialog like below when loading a level:

We are feverishly working on a fix and should have this issue resolved in the next few hours (ETA by 12pm PST). Completing these levels will not be possible until this issue is resolved.

Once this issue is resolved, students should be able to complete this lesson as normal. If students have clicked on the “Delete” button, they should be able to use version history to go back to the last working version and try again.

We are very sorry about any inconvenience this issue has caused for your classrooms and know that we take these issues very seriously. Thank you for your continuous feedback and support in helping us to improve.

Thank you,
Josh Caldwell

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