Animation Tab - Piskel Loading

While working through Lesson 27 in the Animation Unit, about half of my students are experiencing an error. When accessing their animation tab in GameLab, the sprite editor is completely black with the message: “Loading Piskel”. They are unable to edit any sprites.

Is there a workaround for this?


Hmmm … I know piskel is the name of the plugin used to create the animations. If this is a persistent issue, you might be best off contacting with details on the account names and have them look into it.

Good luck!


Same issue in my classroom. We have restarted computers and tried to reload. Still not working.

there may be depending if it’s a valid project instance you should be able to salvage the sprites so that you won’t have to redraw them the API endpoint for it should look something like this{your id here}

this should list all the animations that exist within your project, if you are able to export them normally I'd recommend it and try removing it and then adding the animation back or you can do it through the endpoint i listed hopefully that should resolve the issue


You could also try having students log out of their account and log back in - that is another fix I always try. With that said, it sounds like this is effecting enough of your students that you should contact support. They are pretty quick to respond.