Make an 8 bit sprite

Create a sprite in 8 bit using this site.


Miss Muller,

Thanks for the share! For anyone using this website to have students create their own sprites, make sure they export as PNG or JPG and then use “sprite.scale” to change the size within the program. This is a great opportunity for students to look through documentation to understand commands that haven’t been formally introduced to them yet!


Are students able to import animated sprite created in

@koliner currently you can’t import a GIF or otherwise animated-type sprite into Game Lab.

There is a workaround that some of my students were able to use. You can save the image as an animated GIF, rename it to be a JPG file, upload it, and you should see all the frames in the animation tab. In order to make it work, you have to make a small change to a frame, just adding a dot or something, then once you draw the sprite inside the draw loop, it will animate.


I have tried the work-around by bringing in a gif that was re-saved as a jpg file. It was animating while in the Game Lab animation library as you said, however, the two lower layers were not showing up for me to get to, only the top. When I clicked on the picture it stopped animating and just stopped on the first layer remained visible. I changed one dot on the top of the picture and then put the picture into the draw loop function, hoping it would re-animate and it did not animate. Is there any way that you can share a video of some short showing the process you described that is the work-around? This is coming up a lot for my students.

I have been able to get it to work when I do it, but I’ll confess it isn’t classroom tested with my 7th graders yet, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some students can’t get it to work.

I did create a short video showing how I do it. Here’s the link.

PiskelApp to GameLab Demonstration

Hope this helps!


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