Using Sprite from Sprite lab


How can students use sprites from the sprite lab into their game lab project?



Don’t know if I totally understand your question but Unit 3 Lesson 6 does a great job of teaching the students how to add and animate sprites in Game lab.

Let me know if this isn’t the answer you needed


Mrs. Fredericks,

Just checking in - did this help?



No. I teach students with special needs, and thought the sprite lab might be fun for them.


Mrs. Fredericks,

I see, I think Karen and I thought you were talking about the built in Sprites, rather than the separate SpriteLab. I don’t believe there is a way, but you could take screenshots of the finished sprite and then import into GameLab.

You can also explore with 3rd party apps, check out this forum post: Make an 8 bit sprite

Hope that helps,


Thank you, Brad! I’ll look at the app.