Add Sprites in App lab

How do students add a sprite in the app lab?

Hoping something here answers your question.

Adding an image in App Lab is Unit 2, Lesson 9 - Using Images

Unit 4, Lesson 9 explores what is possible in App Lab. “Before starting to design apps, we need to help students scope their expectations. Because students will eventually be prototyping these apps in App Lab, they will be in better shape if their ideas align with the kinds of apps that can be made using AppLab’s tools.” - Exploring UI Elements

This was posted under Unit 1, Lesson 8. Students are not creating an app in that project, but a poster. So they are not expected at this point in the curriculum to be creating apps. Awesome if they are!

If you are asking how to create movement in AppLab?
Perhaps, this previous conversation may help. Example code for ball movement in App LAb

If I still haven’t answered your question, please let me know more specifics about what you are trying to do.

Hi CeciliaZ! Thank you for replying to my message. My students are finishing up Unit 1, Lesson 8. I am new at teaching CS and mistakenly thought the students could create an app at the end of the lesson. I realized my mistake and am now applying my “problem solving” skills. Thank you again for replying.


That’s wonderful!
I hope you and your students are enjoying this curriculum.
Always come back for any questions you have. That’s why we are here.