Question - In Sprite Lab - Costumes

When editing costumes in Sprite Lab for Sprites, why don’t students have access to bring in images from the web to create sprites? As the classroom teacher, I am able to upload an image into the Sprite library. Is there a way to bring images in for the students?

What I’ve heard is that there were concerns noted by multiple schools and districts that elementary-age students could import inappropriate images, so that feature isn’t allowed in Sprite Lab. If / when they move to Game Lab (in CS Discoveries), students can import images, but not in Sprite Lab.

I believe you could put an image in for them and then create a share link that they could remix, but that may be the only workaround (if it works… I haven’t tried it recently.


Thank you. In the project 5th grade students are working on, I wanted to have the students import images of a piece of artwork from the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM)they will be providing information on as a Jr. Docent for the MAM. In a connected Computer Science project, students are using Sprite Lab to create an interactive “poster”/app that allows the students to share information on the artwork. Students would bring in the image as a sprite. Since students do not have the ability to upload images, I think I will make sprites of all the artwork images and then create a project for the students to remix.

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