Downloading Sprites

Is there a way to download sprite images or for them to carry over from one puzzle to the next?

You could Share the project which puts it in your projects list at Then, you could remix that project and delete the code. That wouldn’t let you use two original sprites from different projects, but if you have a fun sprite you made, you could carry it over that way.


I would like to know the answer to this too. My student spent hours making her own sprites in Unit 3, Lesson 6, Puzzles 15-18 and wanted to use them again; however, on Puzzle 19 they are not there. How can she use the same sprites again and again?

Students do spend a lot of time drawing! I’m not sure that it is possible to export the drawings. I think remixing the current project and deleting the code is the only way.

Yes, there is currently no way to do this beside the workaround mentioned above. Apparently this is on the list of improvements that will come to the animation tab.


There is a download button now in the animation tab. It will download a sprite to the computer, but when I have tried to upload it, it says it does not like the piskel files. When I download it as a zip file, and then unzip it, it is a Png file but it is too large. I can shrink it down under 100kb and it would likely work, but my students on chromebooks can’t unzip the files to get the png. Anyone have ideas?


I wish I had an answer for you. Please write to describing this issue and someone will be able to help.


Is there a way to use a photo or upload a drawing to use as a sprite?

Once you get into the animation tab in Game Lab you will select to add a new sprite. You’ll get a pop-up with lots of sprites that you could select, but there’s also an option to upload an image.