Sprite saving formats


My students have created sprites in Unit 3 lesson 11 . but when we go to another lesson their sprites are not
in their animation tab. Where or how does it save previous sprites created. I saved some to desk top but not the corrected format. It saves as gif and will not upload. Can someone help me.

Thank you



Hey @mmgraham you’re right that sprites are only created within a single project and so the Animation Tab in one project will not have any way to access sprites from another project. Right now there’s no way to easily move sprites from one project to another but this is a feature that we get many requests for and have plans to add. Keep an eye out for that and keep letting us know if you have questions or suggestions!



Thank you so much for helping me. If my students want to use a clip art or image is their a particular format they must upload. .tiff, jpeg, .pga . etc.


Hi @mmgraham,

Using jpg and png should work. Also you will want to keep your files to 100KB or less, or you’ll get an error.

Hope that helps!



Hi There,

Has this functionality coming soon? I have kids who hand drew sprites in a previous lesson (U3L6) as part of a digital scene and are now being asked to extend their scene in Lesson 7. However, their code doesn’t show up unless it was saved in the second to the last bubble, right before the Free Play, and their sprites are not saved.



Hey @asalas I’ll ping the product / engineering teams but based on other parts of our website / tools we’re updating I wouldn’t expect it to be available on a time frame that will help for your current situation. Right now it looks like we won’t get to this feature until 2018. If students take one really nice screen-cap of a sprite they like they could keep uploading it into individual projects however, which may help satisfy that need in the short term.

Hope that helps and sorry to not have a more exciting answer!