Student unable to upload a Sprite of his/her choice


Lately I have noticed that students are unable to add their own costumes
in Sprite Lab. A teacher account however has a "Upload Image button but a student doesn’t seem to have it.
Please help as to how it can be activated for the student as it is not allowing to create own Sprites, which is a show stopper for the child’s creativity.
Refer image below:

Thank you.

Hey @czylearner , thanks for posting here! What you’d described in regards to a change in SpriteLab’s “Costumes” tab, was an intentional change in accordance with our updated privacy policy, and our new CS Connections curriculum so that students can work on teacher-assigned, open-ended projects. Our privacy policy prevents us from allowing images to be uploaded by students under 13 without filtering protections in place to “screen” for offensive content / text within images. We encourage students to instead use our recently-expanded library of 2,000+ costumes and graphics for their sprites. Students can also still upload images into AppLab, GameLab, or WebLab for example. Teachers can also still upload their own images into SpriteLab, share those projects with students, who can then “remix” those projects and have the teacher-uploaded custom images available for use within SpriteLab. For a video on this process, check out Sprite Upload Tool - YouTube. Our apologies for any inconvenience on this, and we appreciate the feedback!

Hey @josh.schulte !

Thank you very much for your response . We always have teacher/parent supervision while using the internet here however I understand the reason behind this move. Thank you for providing an alternate, I’ll try out this approach.