Upload image button does not work

I have a student who is trying to upload an image that he found online into the sprite library. But when he presses the upload button no dialogue box pops up prompting him to find and select the image. He’s using Chrome on a Mac. I figure it has to be some sort of permission thing?? Has anyone else run into this issue?

Hello @GordonBrune ! If this issue was occurring in SpriteLab specifically, you can read about this unfortunate but intentional change to SpriteLab where we disallowed uploading of your own custom images to better enforce student privacy, at Student unable to upload a Sprite of his/her choice. Our apologies for any inconvenience here!

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Based on helping you in the past, I’m guessing you are talking about Game Lab, is that right? Students should still be able to load sprites into Game Lab as the changes @josh.schulte were made in Sprite Lab (but not Game Lab).

I would have them try a different computer to make sure it’s the computer that is causing the issue or if there could be something glitchy in his account. I may also try to have another student sign in on that computer to see if they have the same problem and it is the computer. Personally, I use a Mac and Chrome and it does work in Game Lab.

Maybe he could try using Safari on the Mac to see if that works (in which case, the Chrome browser cache may be causing the issue and the cache could be cleared).

Let us know or if you determine it is the account and not the computer, you can contact support@code.org and have them look at the account.


Yes, it’s in Game Lab not Sprite Lab. We’ll try your suggestions. Thanks as always!

Hey @GordonBrune thanks for clarifying - and thank you @mwood for the additional support there! Please do contact us at support@code.org if this issue persists within GameLab even after trying the above steps!

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Clearing the cache worked. Thanks!

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