Animation Tabs Working - But sprite not animating in draw loop

Our project:

(Game Lab -

Above is a link to a remix of a student’s project. In the animation tab he has created a running stickman that animates with 6 frames. It appears to work in the animations tab, however, it does not appear to animate in the draw loop.

We have tried ensuring there is a background and a drawSprites(); block and called the sprite in the draw loop but it still doesn’t appear to animate.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I’ve seen this happen before, but not sure exactly what causes it. To fix it, I went to your animation (stickmanrunning) and added another frame at the end. I chose “draw my own” and then instead of drawing anything, I just deleted the frame.

Then, when I went back to the code, it worked.

Not sure why it works, but I basically had to change the animation (without changing the animation) before I could get it to work.

Good luck!


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That’s awesome, thank you!!