Draw Your Own Animation not working for some

I introduced my class to Sprites today in Unit 3. Always a fun day!
A few students could not draw their own animations. They shared their screens with me (remote learning) and I could see them drawing, but their drawing was not created as an animation. Their drawing just disappeared on the workspace.
Other students and I did not have that problem.
Is it a random glitch? They logged out and back on and refreshed and did all of the typical things, but they still couldn’t draw.
Does it have to do with device? or browser?
Am I missing something obvious?

Hi @elizabeth.gleeson,

I’m glad you had a fun day today! That problem does sound concerning. Here are a few things I thought of to check:

  • Have they placed code inside and outside the draw loop as appropriate?
  • Did they remember to call drawSprites()?
  • If a student who got it to work switches code with a student who didn’t get it to work, does the issue persist on the same computer or with the same student? I recognize that this is trickier to check with remote learning. Maybe the students can send each other their code in a shared document?

If none of these clear it up, I’d recommend sharing one or two of the problematic projects here so we can take a look at it.

Thank you!
–Michael K.

I guess I didn’t make it clear. It is not in the code; it is when they are in the animation tab and trying to actually sketch out a sprite.

Hmmm … not sure what that could be. You may want to contact support@code.org and give them student account names and they may be able to see something under the hood.


They can draw now, so I guess it was just a random glitch (my favorite reason when I have no idea!).
Thanks for the suggestions.

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