Any examples of student work for prototyping an innovation?

I’m struggling to figure out how to handle the last 6 days of CS that I have with my students. We’ve finished up through lesson 12: Making Music. I would love to use the last few weeks of school for them to prototype an idea. I don’t have any alligator clips or other things necessary to focus on adding additional circuits to the board, instead of continuing to work solely within the constraints of the board’s form. What would I need to purchase to make this happen? Can I get the necessary supplies at a hardware store given if i’m short on time? Is it necessary to have all the below materials:

Structural material (cardboard, construction paper, etc)

Connective material (tape, glue, hot glue, etc)

Construction tools (scissors, staplers, etc)

Other materials (cups, binder clips, paper plates, etc)

Prepare circuit wiring materials, such as:

Alligator clip wires (included in Circuit Playground classroom kit)

LEDs (included in Circuit Playground classroom kit)

Other conductive material (wire, paper clips, foil, etc)

(optional) Buttons or switches

If I just have the Adafruit circuit playgrounds is there a way I can quickly order these extra materials for 14 students? I have a small class. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Probably the best option would to order these items on Amazon. Here are the links to help:

Alligator clips: