Examples of students finished project

Can anybody upload a video or anything else of what the students will be completing in Unit 6. I need something to show my administration so they will buy me the circuit boards. Thanks in advance.


I don’t know if those are available - but looking through the coursework, if you have time, it has a few projects that you could build yourself and have a in house demonstration. I purchased a Circuit Playground from Adafruit and it came pretty quickly and I ran through a few of the lessons just to see. Additionally, if you have advanced students, this could be a side project for them to “pilot” and “help figure out what might trip up other students”. Hopefully once more classes have done the curriculum, there will be some videos available.

For videos outside of Code.org, a couple people have made things and shared on Youtube as possibilities, which might not be the exact projects - but show the possibilities!


Great advice, thank you so much!

Calling @justin.feller @ebrodz @danial_nijhout_rowe @Russell @dbossett do you have any student work from the pilot you could share?

We did not get all the way through the final project. Sorry!

I don’t have anything since I moved districts and deleted (instead of archiving) the classes I piloted with.

Yes, I do. These are some from Random Button Colors and Lights Picker:


Thank you for sharing these examples!

Yes, thank you so much! These will help me immensely.

You want projects? Oh, we have Unit 6 projects from last year…
(the students that made these programs named them)

There are so many to filter through…the students really loved the sandbox design of Applab they could access by the end of the unit!


On the adafruit website there are project examples. There are some videos on youtube about the circuit playground too.

Great examples of projects. How long were the students given to work on them? Roughly how much time did they need? Were they graded using the U6L16 Rubric?

Thanks, @agrant! These all ranged in period of time worked on. The Law of Sine/Cosine calculator took a couple of months while the ones at the top were a couple of days.

A great rule of thumb that helped last year during the pilot turned out to center around supporting the students’ interests anyway! If I noticed a student working on something that seemed bigger than one lesson, I would make a quick link (using bit.ly or tinyurl) directly to that project and have it ready somewhere. Then, each day when that student finished early, I gave him/her the link to the project and they spent a few minutes working on it. In that way, it sometimes did take weeks.

Some really great ideas will come out of your kiddos during those lessons so keep an eye out!

Thanks. What was the reason for creating the links, were the students not able to access the projects in code studio? Also, what is the sandbox?

I think by sandbox, @justin.feller is referring to the Projects area at code.org. Here you have access to the full version of the app lab, web lab, and others. You can create any number of projects and share them.

I’m not really sure why @justin.feller used the link shorteners, maybe he’ll answer that.

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