Teacher Examples for Unit 6


Is there any plans for teacher examples in Unit 6? Another comment I have unrelated to this is I thought students were moving along fast in this Unit because of their experience from prior units. I was told from a good student it’s because they can move forward without doing anything. This is a problem throughout many units. Any thoughts on changing this so that it’s similar to AP CSP in the beginning lessons on coding? CSD is a different type of student for the most part and it’s hard to manage students that aren’t as motivated to go through the lessons.



Hi Carol,

I did a quick spot check across Unit 6, and I wasn’t able to find any missing teacher solutions. Was there a particular lesson in which this was a problem? If you let me know where you couldn’t find solutions, I can take a look.



Sorry. Correction for the response questions throughout. And again, about moving through the lessons without the correct code? Thank you!


Hi Carol,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you meant with “correction for the response questions”. Can you clarify?

Because of the open nature of most of the activities, we aren’t doing code validation for any of CSD. We are looking at it for some activities in the future, and for easier ways for teachers to check what the students have written.



Thank you Elizabeth. I meant for the response questions students must answer.


Hi Carol, could you link to a specific example of what you’re talking about. I’m sorry, but I think we might call it different names, so I’m still not sure what I’m looking for.



Unit 6 lesson 6 level 6



The link you shared is a prediction level which students would guess and then try - there really isn’t a right answer because the code is correct and does what it does. Students would read through, make a prediction and then test on the Circuit Playground to see if what they guessed was right.

If there was a “teacher key” (maybe a better word for the answer for the teacher) - it might sound something like this: “If the user has selected the “blink” drop down and presses the Left button on the circuit playground, the function would run and the LED’s would blink at a rate of 200ms. If the user has selected the “pulse” drop down and presses the Right button on the circuit playground, the function would run and the LED’s would pulse at a rate of 200ms. If the user presses the Right button, the LED’s would shut off”.

If you are looking to use this as an assessment, I would have the students explain what happens on each line, because you could get a variety of responses, mine was somewhere in the middle because students could leave out the blink/pulse time of reference to the function OR they could be much more detailed describing the parameters passed into the onBoardEvent function.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Bradley. This is my first official year teaching the CSD curriculum and I am used to this in the CSP curriculum.