Any updates to be able to link to external web site through app lab?


Any updates to be able to link to external web site through app lab?

My students are desperate to link to a web site or Youtube video!!!

Any workarounds?

Thank you!



Have you submitted a “bug”? Often times these technical questions go to the developers through the bug report and this might be something you want to bring to their attention. (To submit a bug report go to the “hamburger menu” - three lines - on the top right hand corner).



Thanks for the tip. I just reported it. Hope to hear from them soon.


My students have used HTML from W3schools to answer this question.


Do you have any examples you can share?


This is the code used by one of my students for an exterior link:
< a href=“”>Pescatarian< /a>

I had to monk with the spacing a bit to get it to show up here. Otherwise, it just wanted to show up as a link. I guess that means he’s doing it right! :slight_smile:



Just checking - you mean an external link with App Lab that is used in Units 4 and 6 right? The HTML for Web Lab which is Unit 2 is <a href="[website here]" / > Words/Picture to Link </a > (just like above). Just wanted to follow up!



I am working in App Lab. But where does this code go if I have an image already on my screen that I want to click on and go to a web site?

onEvent(“image1”, “click”, function(event) {
console.log(“image1 clicked!”);
setImageURL(“image1”, “”);




Unfortunately no, the setImageURL block only gets the image from the location. I still don’t think there is a way to link to an external site from App Lab.

As an alternative (and this is a big alternative) - you could look into responsive screen design in HTML. Some websites look like an app because there is internal code that has if statements that if the screen is a certain size, other certain elements of the CSS will take over.

I’ve found some good tutorials in General Assembly Dash for this.

Hope that helps (even though its not the answer you were looking for),


Thank you so much for your help, Brad!