Embed Video or link to Youtube Video on App Lab Project


My students asked me if they can embed youtube video or make a link to youtube…Is it possible? Thanks a lot.

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@awei At the moment, AppLab does not allow you to embed videos and links to videos. However, I will pass this request on to the @code.org team. It may be available in future versions of appLab. I have also included a link to AppLab Docs which details all the functions available to the programming environment.


Just wanted to see if our students can now embed Video or link to Youtube or a link to any website.
Any updates?
I can’t seem to find any.



AFAIK, this is option is still not available.

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Similarly, is there a way to include a link to a web page url in App Lab?


I don’t think so. I think last I heard, it was a security/safety risk - something like there was concern about monitoring what type of content was being linked off of apps. Perhaps someone in the engineering team can give an updated answer?


There is a way, but it’s not really ready for prime time and difficult to control. The write command will add text to the screen starting at the top.

write("<a href='http://code.org/csp'> go to CSP! </a>");

Example Project – updated

We’re working on arbitrary HTML insertion which would let you do things like embed videos, but there are security risks/hurdles associated that we have to wrangle. You’ll notice if you experiment with inserting html with the write command that it’s pretty locked down - the html is inspected and sanitized to avoid security holes. The debug console will tell what was stripped out. This makes it hard to control right now - like you can’t really position it or set styles.

“working on” means it’s high on the priority list for when major updates to App Lab happen which will happen, but at some indefinite point in the future. We know this is a feature people want, but that’s the news for now.



Do we have the ability to link to a url and have it display?

Asking for a student


Hi @cshock,

Did you see Baker’s post above? That explains one way to get a link in an app. Does that help?



Just had my CSD workshop (newbie)…thought I heard a discussion across the room that inserting a video or video URL was possible…but from this thread now not sure. Does the code.org app allow now?
Thank you!


At this point, the status has not changed. Keep checking this thread for an update.


The example project doesn’t have the mentioned code.
Am I blind? Wanted an example.


Weird. Don’t know how that happened. I have fixed the link.

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it still is not working


Thanks much for this code. Is there a way it can be modified to name the screen that it should go to? The current write command always goes to the home screen.


Hi Baker!
Yes, embedding URLs is definitely something students want to be able to do. I had several questions about it for the final projects.
Thank you for the sample code!