Anyone interested in connecting their class with students in Kyrgyzstan who are working on this unit?


Hi everyone,

I studied Computer Science at Stanford and I’m currently living in Canada. In September, I spent a month in Central Asia starting an afterschool coding club for students in remote regions of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. I partnered with local schools and introduced their teachers to CS using AppLab. Those teachers are now running afterschool lessons twice a week for students in grades 6 - 10. The students have completed most of Unit 3 so far, and will be moving onto Unit 5 next.

In a recent conversation with some of the teachers, we thought it would interesting to connect our students with students in other parts of the world who are working on the same material. This gives students on both ends an opportunity to discuss (maybe even show off a little) what they’ve learned, as well as exposing them to the global nature of the CS community.

The idea is to set up a couple Skype sessions where small groups of students in each country share what they’re working on. I’m very flexible to suggestions regarding the format. For reference, our students have conversational fluency in English (it’s not their first language, but certainly enough to have a good discussion).

Please let me know if you are interested! I would be happy to arrange phone calls to discuss further.