AP CSP Survival Guide "Answers" to Algorithm and Abstractions Examples

AP CSP Survival Guide “Answers” to Algorithm and Abstractions Examples


THANK YOU to the creator of the AP CSP Survival Guide. It’s awesome. I love the examples for “What is an Algorithm? and What is Abstraction?” However, I am looking for some official ANSWERS to the examples provided.


Thanks a million


Should be in the normal place. The “Teacher Only” area on the code studio page where the student link is. Looks like this:

Noticing – it should be pulled through into the lesson plan as well, but it’s not there now. Will look into it.


Thanks. I will explore. I must have missed it.

Master Baker…

Regarding the 5th and 6th examples on ABSTRACTION: My instinct on Example 6 is to have the same rectangle as example 5, to include the 2 OnEvents. To me, it would make it really clear the function was called twice. Just referring to the 2 functions in the written prompts feels like a risk since I remember reading, they can only grade what is in the rectangle. Thoughts?

Overall, I see why they are not considering OnEvents as Abstraction but they are usually a centralized location where we call several functions to be executed.

With my googles, I see Abstraction as the process to reduce complexity. So to convince the reader, it makes sense to see abstraction from the “top of the food chain” (aka the CALL of the function) and also the “bottom of the chain” seeing the actual contents within the function.

Side note: If you had a CALL to a function inside the loop, can you confirm that qualifies as abstraction? Obviously, if the function was designed with parameters that would be really ideal but what if the function didn’t but was still called like 10+ times within the loop. thoughts?

Baker: In your opinion, out of all of the example apps offered in Units 3 and 5, which app do you think has the most “meat” related to capturing the value of algorithms and abstractions.

Thanks for your help.

@jkeays just some thoughts on your post! I would highly recommend the ColorSleuth App to give students a something to chew on for a “create-worthy” app. I have even seen some teachers do that as a practice create and have students do the full write up on that. It has enough to have abstraction and algorithms with the way the “students” in the story go about designing it. The design strategy isn’t necessarily intuitive to students which is why I like pointing it out.

Happy Coding!

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Do you the KEY to the Create and Explore Survival Guide? Please can your forward it to me?

Many thanks,

The answers to the survival guide can be found on the lesson plan resources for the Create PT. You should also see it on the Create PT landing page at the bottom.

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Katie -
This is my first year teaching AP CSP. I have worked through Unit 5 Lesson 10 and I think I am ready to start on the Create PT. I am not really sure about what the students are supposed to do as far as doing the write up. You suggested using Lesson 10 (ColorSleuth App) as a practice PT. Do you have a write up that you could share with me (answer key)?

Hi @hcook,

Sorry if that wasn’t clear - by “the write up” I am referring to the writing prompts for the create task. I have them do all the writing prompts as assigned by the College Board for the Create task. I then use the rubric the college board released to “grade” the assignment. I think it useful to do a “group grading” or “peer review” first to ensure students are on the right track and have a chance to make changes before they hand it in.

I don’t have a key - but I would just use the College Board rubric to grade it.

Let us know how it goes!

The “For Teachers Only” section for AP CSP Create AP Unit Lesson 2 is non-existent. When you click the link for the Key

It brings you to the student’s lesson 2 screen with no teacher section at the bottom:

Thanks for catching that. Please report it to support@code.org.

Hello @scraddock - A recent update was not pulled through when our website was updated yesterday, so the link is currently broken. It should be fixed later today. Thanks for your patience!