APCSP Unit 2 Lesson 5 - Packets

The 2022-23 version of this lesson started with a prompt discussing a Library situation of moving books either in the fastest way possible or the most accountable way possible. This warm question has been changed in the new 2023-24 course, yet the slide at the end of the lesson contrasting UDP/TCP still uses the wording of the Library example. Also the lesson plan has not been modified to match the new lecture slides.

This lesson really needs some work done to it and I would suggest a proper table contrasting UDP/TCP instead of using the terms only in the context of the Library example that is now gone.

Thank you for bringing this up. Please write to support@code.org if you see any discrepencies in the curriculum or have any modifications to suggest. I will let the team know from my end.

Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ve gone into the lesson and updated the resources so that the lesson sequence is much clearer. I anticipate that the change to the lesson plan should go live by Monday; the updates to slides are already live.

Have a great weekend!