App Lab UI Elements Documentation?


My students and I are designing our App screens now and are running into some trouble using some UI elements. Specifically, It is not super clear exactly how to use the Chart element. Is there some documentation explaining in some detail exactly how to program the element to draw a specific chart? Can charts be drawn in Google Sheets and the resulting chart and data imported?



I’ve not been asked that question, and didn’t see any specific lesson focused on chart creation. I when to the open AppLab (where we have access to all the available blocks of code) and found under Data the drawChart and drawChartFromRecords blocks. When I moused over to view documentation, it gave some examples which might be helpful, but it looks like it’s always drawing from an array (which can be found in the variables section). This will take some looking into (and now I’m interested as well, so I’ve got my night planned…) but I’m thinking that if a student really wants to, they could do some research and then a screencast to share for other interested parties on the forum…

Let me know how it goes!