CSD Unit 4 The Design Process

When designing the app, the students are introduced to all the different UI elements. However, when you begin coding the app, the lesson only addresses how to code a BUTTON. I’m afraid my students are going to be disappointed they can’t actually make their paper prototype work as a digital version. Am I missing something that told us not to include UI elements besides BUTTONS? Or is it assumed they should be able to figure out the other UI element coding?

Hi @dpool,

I am not sure what lesson you are on but in Lesson 14, they learn about design mode and how to insert checkboxes, text boxes, labels and images. Unit 4 is intended to be about the design process and the intent is that students are building prototypes and not fully functional apps. So, lesson 14 doesn’t go into how to handle the data from the checkboxes and text boxes but it does teach them how to design with them in their digital prototypes.
I hope this helps.

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Which Design Element is used to create the "id:home_title on the example app in Unit 4 Lesson 14 Bubble 2 (The Recycling App)

Is there a way to tell if it is a Label or a Text Area?
This a question that I don’t know how to answer and I’d like to know as I’m introducing Design mode to my students.

Hi @koliner,

It is a label. If it were a text area or a text input box, when I clicked the RUN button, I would be able to type into it. A text input or text area box are intended for users to enter data into the app. The label is intended only to display text.

I hope that helps!