Approach for an after school program?

I am going to teach an after school enrichment class…first time in the district. Additionally, I’m going to have the Hour of Code in my building (after the first of the year). Thoughts on the best way to approach this? I’m chewing over signing the kids up myself as one big mult-grade class or having the classroom teachers sign them in. The advantage to the teachers doing this is they could have students code in their own classrooms as enrichment, when there is free time. Otherwise, I have a little more control if I keep it myself for the after school class. But, then I will be doing Hour of Code so I need the classroom teachers involved. Thoughts? Thank you!

I think I would recommend making a multi level class that you have access to, and then as long as your students have their passwords, they can sign in even if in their own classroom. It will also allow you to monitor their progress, which is fun to see!