Best Course/Lessons for Basic classroom student?

I have an 8th grade student this year who is a basic classroom student the rest of the day. He isn’t able to identify all of his letters on site and struggles with anything that requires typing or spelling. I was thinking instead of having him do units 1, 2, 3 of discoveries with his class, that on coding days he could work on some of the lower grade materials…Course B, C, etc.
Are there any that you know of that would work better for him? I’m not sure I’ll have time to click through all the lessons and check them out before assigning to him as I’m teaching 6 different preps.


Hi Marcy-

Great question. We really like pair programming so that students can combine efforts. If this student is working on CS Fundamentals lessons, is there another student they can work with to support the reading and clicking?

If not, they could work on the Express CS Fundamentals course, but it is not as robust as the full curriculum as it only has online, plugged lessons.


Thanks for your reply. He would be the only person doing fundamentals. I’ll look into the express course.