Article about smartphones collecting data to spy on users



At an excellent site for science/tech articles, Science News for Students…

Something I learned from the article was apparently motion sensors are not permission-protected, and the motion data collected can be used to infer things like keypresses and which subway route you’re on.

The bottom of the article also has a list of vocab and a link to questions teachers can use.

The article is a bit long, but I think it’s at a good reading level for my students…

Oh, but here’s the same article but at a higher reading level on their sister site, Science News. heyooo…

Ooh, this sidebar from the grownup version of the article might be useful in helping students distinguish between device/sensor and the actual data it handles…



Great resource! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Frank @frank_w_lee!
Perfect article to address data security and help identify the difference between device and sensors.