Extention Activity

I wanted to take the wrap-up for this activity one step further by giving students cards that they would need to sort with inputs and outputs. I found that I was having a hard time coming up with inputs and outputs that were additional to the ones given in the wrap up. I would love some additional idea and to share this resource. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1atBR1Vjz8ddjmyPk0uQ1BDN_VaThR6YA_krcbuAHGOw/edit?usp=sharing


It was interesting doing these series of lessons this year as the students really had a hard time coming up with a lot of the different inputs for a phone. I concentrated on the phone first because I felt like it was the most relevant to the students.
The cards are a cool idea.
When students got really stuck, I asked them some questions to get them going again.
A few more ideas

  • How does the phone know it has to shut down when it is too hot?
  • How does the phone know where it is?
  • How does the phone know to switch from playing music through the speakers to playing music through the headphones?
  • How does the phone know to turn off the screen when you put the phone up to your ear?
  • How does apple know that you got the phone wet?
  • This lesson was really cool. I felt like the students got so much more of an idea of what an input could be even by just thinking of a phone. Now I have to get them to really broaden those concepts for their apps in the unit 1 project.

    During today’s apple event I saw this and thought it was a cool graphic of all the inputs just on the front of an iphone.


    I loved this idea @ctenney so I made a Google Drawing version so that my students could use it in Google Classroom. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1har9DySoZXFLJQkh0EJ152H8jw8bwvqmHFvvPFX2DgM/edit?usp=sharing


    @msummers I love this! I use Google Draw with my students all of the time but have never used it in this way. Thanks for sharing!

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    wow, these are all great!!!


    I wish I read you reply, I just did the same thing.


    Thanks so much for this idea!