Unit 4 exemplars?



I just started unit 4 and I am having a hard time figuring out exactly how to teach this… Specifically I am looking at lesson 3 right now, and I am not sure how the brainstorm of needs, interests, and concerns can then be categorized… Does anyone have any advice or sample student-work from this unit they’d be willing to share? Thanks!



What grade is this? For high schoolers I prompted them to look around their neighborhood and question why things were the way they were - for example, why do we have ramps on sidewalks? Why automatic opening doors? Why can their smart phone change text sizes (might need to show them this), and really push the teapots activity… hopefully they stat to get that other people have other needs (empathy). From there I’d walk around and ask about classic users they might have missed.

I’m in NYC so the clothes activity was focused on how much people are outside and walking around - what would they like on a hot day? A cold day? Just giving them a TON of possible scenarios to hopefully start thinking about.

There is another thread that semi-addresses this issue here.

Let me know thoughts and be sure to share what works… others will be asking too!