CSD Unit 4 Lesson 1- If you want to use something besides teapots

I adapted the Determine the User Activity- I did not think my students would relate to teapots so I did one for shoes.Alternate Determine the User Activity


This is terrific! Wish I had checked in before doing the activity. My students did engage pretty well with the teapots but some struggled because they don’t drink tea etc. Shoes is PERFECT!

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I’m glad you found it to be helpful :blush:

Thank you so much! This is perfect and age appropriate! Great work!


Awesome job! The shoes are definitely more relatable than the teapots and I like how this was differentiated to get buy-in from the kids.

Which, just to be the devil’s advocate – do you think it was intentional on the part of the curriculum writer to choose something that wasn’t so popular with teens? Why did they make that choice?

–Michael K.

Thanks for sharing! This was something I wanted to create but hadn’t gotten around to yet.

I could see that being their purpose. As long as the kids are connecting to the content and thinking while they are interacting with any/all aspects of CS then I view that as a win.