Unit 4 Lessons 1 and 2 Unplugged

I borrowed the ‘shoes’ idea from a teacher who posted here previously as the Design Analysis and Determining the User activity for Lesson 1 - WHICH flows perfectly into the slide presentation provided for Lesson 2!!! As a fun little side note, I ordered the “Hello, My Name Is” name tags for Lesson 2 and allowed students to write the name of their user profile on the sticker then place it on their clothing…EASY and QUICK form of assessment when they move around the room :slight_smile: I also had them put the personal name and user profile name on the Activity Guide for another easy and quick assessment opportunity.

For someone who prefers direct instruction, I’m often amazed at how much I enjoy these unplugged activities - and so do the kiddos!

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I like seeing all the different ways people do this. I keep the teapots because it’s so foreign for my students and I like talking to them about empathy for the end user, but there are more than 1 way to skin a cat!

Great idea with the name tags!


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