Assigning More Than One Course at a Time

Can I assign more than one course at a time to a class? Some of my students get done much quicker than others, for example, I had a few students get through Lesson 1 in 12 to 15 minutes and then had a few who took all hour and still didn’t complete. I want to assign a second course of a different level to offer some additional work for students who complete so much faster than others.


This is a really good question. If anyone knows the answer. I’d love to hear it too. I have a feeling its not a function of the site yet.

Good luck with getting an answer.,



Something I have realized recently is if you assign courses by using the link to send to students from the course lesson pages, then your students can access that course from Google Classroom even if it’s no longer what’s assigned. I hope that makes sense. This has been a game-changer for us because I have some students who miss school quite frequently and I can’t wait to move to another course until they get caught up. I had a student access a previously assigned course by going to Google Classroom and click on the link from a previous assignment and they were able to complete missed work. We discovered it by mistake. Hope that is helpful.

Really Helpful! Thanks a lot!. I’m using for the first time with my classes next week so this will help.