Assigning more that 1 unit

I have a student who will be travelling for a month. She needs multiple units assigned. Is this possible?

Yes, in my experience, once you have assigned a unit, all of them are visible to the students. However, you will have to go and make sure all of the lessons within the unit are visible. By default, I think all lessons are visible within a unit.

They can see the unit and lessons but it won’t let them work on the lesson. It says that your teacher did not expect you to be here.

Did you check if the unit is assigned? Make sure you and the students are using the same version of the curriculum. It should say 2022 in the url

Yes - they are on the right curriculum but it only let’s them do work in the assigned unit.

For me, when I unassign one unit all the units become unassigned. When I assign one unit, all get assigned. Just go to every unit and make sure it is assigned to the class. If this does not work, you may need to reach out to