Setting Active Unit - trying to use two at a time

My students are currently doing work in Unit 5 and previously did work in Unit 6. Both are unblocked and lessons are open for students. However, students get the ‘your teacher didn’t expect you to be here’ message if I have them work in a unit that is not currently ‘assigned’. Likewise, if I choose the blank option under choosing a Unit to assign they still get that message. Because they have things in both units they want to work on, I need to find a way around this issue. Any ideas on how I can do fix this?


Sorry you are having this problem. It sounds very frustrating, both for you and the students.

This is not the way that the feature is supposed to work, as I understand it. Can you double check that they are for sure using the same account that you have for your section? If so, you might want to try locking the units, the re-unlocking them. If that doesn’t work, please “report a bug” and we can pass it on to the engineering team.

If you report a bug, they will likely want to know the specific account names for the students who are having this issue, and an example of a specific level that was locked when they tried to go there.


Thank you. Josh has reached out and hopefully we are working on it :slight_smile:

Was there ever a solution for this problem? I am having the same issue. I have students who are trying to finish their project in Unit 3, but the class has moved on to Unit 6. I assigned Unit 6, now the students can’t access Unit 3. If I assign Unit 3, they can’t see Unit 6.

No Solution. I just keep switching back and forth unfortunately.

I had multiple units open for students last year without any problem. Maybe I am not actually assigning a given Unit, just unlocking it for the class.

I recently found out that I can switch which Unit is the “default” when I go to look at Progress for a class if I want to look at a Unit that is not the Unit where the class is currently working. Saves me from having to use the dropdown menu each time.

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That is a good tip! Thanks for sharing!