Assistance with game

Student wants the tunnels to move to the left and loop. Also the bird disappears when he changes the velocity. He wants the bird to move through the tubes like a maze. He has not figured out how the user will score points but wants to the tunnels moving first.

Hi @keisa.carrhudson,

Looks like a great start !! I have some tips…

I would suggest the very first priority will be to crop your sprites in the animation tab (see the screenshot). This is so that when the bird tries to fly through the tunnel, the code will test only when the bird “isTouching” the actual tubes and not the blank canvas the tube was created on.

After cropping the sprites, you’ll need to play with the height and scale.

Next, I am not seeing the basic counter pattern that move the tubes. This basic counter pattern would reside outside the if statements. When testing on my end, I placed it in the bottom of the draw loop.

And finally, If trying to move from right TO the left, your > symbol in the if statements testing the tube.x position is facing the wrong way (should be <).

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 1.50.11 PM

Good luck!