Audio for personal website

I have an advanced student who would like to add audio to his personal website. Can anyone walk me through this process?


I don’t think you can add an audio file in WebLab at this time. I think that audio would be a great addition for WebLab.

I will check with others to see if they have a process for adding audio.



Using W3Schools as a resource you can use the audio tag and then you’d have to define the type of sound file. WebLab doesn’t allow you to upload audio files, but using the src="" you can target to a mp3 file online. Using the example from W3Schools, I found a “horse sound” .mp3 through a google search. Code is below.

< body > < audio controls > < source src="" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. < /audio> < /body>

And a link to the shared project of the same.

Hope that helps!