Uploading an mp3 file

I have several students who would like to create audio files for their websites (like they can in Unit 3). Is there a work around to allow this in web lab?

Yes and no. There isn’t a way to upload your own sound files into weblab (the only upload type allowed is images, I believe), however, you ask about a workaround and you can add sound to your website if you can find a URL link for your sound. This post on the forum shows how to do it.

Also, by digging a little, I found that the sound he uses (the horse neighing) is part of a much larger library of sounds that can be found here:


So, yes, it’s possible, but if the goal is to upload your own audio, it may be more work than it’s worth…

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, Mike. That’s what I thought. I love when my students are looking beyond the confines of the lessons!