Autistic kid in my class

Hi Everyone,
I just started teaching coding in GZ China, it is not a rich area as you saw on TV, we are a learning centre providing after class activities for kids while their parents have to work till late to collect them.
As we don’t have any computers for kids to use, I can only provide unplugged coding activities.
In my last lesson, I asked kids to write down the procedure of make a call to mom from a smartwatch. Most of the kids (age 8-11) were able to accomplish the task, some were even able to write the procedure in symbols.
There was a boy much older (age 14) he didn’t write down any procedure but he memorize all the numbers of his families and wrote them down.
I was told he is autistic and I have no idea how to teach him.
Can anyone here give me some idea?


If remembering numbers is a particular talent of this student and if he finds it difficult to understand that others may not be able to remember numbers as well as him then try differentiating to a different topic to something that he finds difficult and may see the benefit in providing instructions for.

All autistic children have different traits, you have to get to know them to find what their particular barriers to accessing curriculum are and then differentiate appropriately. Big subject but hope this helps


I teach Coding to Autistic children in the US. Here Autistism is a broad category that encompasses a wide array of disabilities. Some Autistic children are very intelligent and do exceptionally well with very specific expectations. So, for thoose you would just need to explain exactly what you want them to accomplish such as construct a boat using only 5 inches of aluminum foil that will support the weight of multiple coins when place in water.

Hope this helps

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