Teach kids with Autism - Any suggestions, help will be really appreciated!


I need to help a student learn coding through code.org in completely online mode.
By online mode I mean, we will be connecting virtually for the first time. We both are at geographically different locations, and I have no idea how to proceed…
What kind of activities should I proceed with, does free play work with them? How to keep them motivated online? How to handle behavioural issues faced?

I know I sound very vague… but I’m totally stuck up! and very scared and anxious at the same time!
Any tips and suggestions from teachers who have such an experience, kindly help me out with your valuable inputs.

Hi @gkriti.16,

Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like a lot of decisions to make.

I don’t have answers for everything, but I’d suggest a starting point would be to create a teacher account, create a section and have your student create a student account and join your section. This will allow you to at least monitor the students’ progress and somewhat control what courses appear on their dashboard.

One big decision would be which curriculum you’d like to use. Generally CS Fundamental aligns with elementary (K-5), CS Discover for middle school-ish (6-10), CS Principles for high school (9-12) (again, generalizing, as these aren’t hard boundaries). I’m not familiar with CS Fundamentals, but I do know CSD and CSP are originally intended as in-person curriculums that have accommodations provided for full-remote.

It’s hard for me to make other suggestions, knowing so little about the students. I’d say go with what you anticipate might work best for now while planning on adjusting as you iterate. My guess is these are relatively uncharted waters. Perhaps there are others in this forum who have more experience in this arena who can give more advice (I haven’t done the fully remote teaching thing).