What apps do you use?


I am teaching cs fundamentals express to a group of homeschool students at an enrichment program at the local church. The strength of the internet access is limited and a class of 20 would be too much. Some of the children are bringing laptops and some are bringing tablets to work on. I know for the laptops I can use the downloadable version with the students but for the kids on ipads and android tablets is there an app that doesn’t take constant internet access to do coding activities? I am looking at code island and tynker but if anyone has a better app to suggest I am open to it.


Hi! At the moment, Code.org has downloads available for the “Minecraft” and “Star Wars: Building a Galaxy With Code” tutorials, available from https://studio.code.org/download/mc and https://studio.code.org/download/starwars.

We also have activities that require no computers at all. You can find all of these “unplugged” activities here: code.org/curriculum/unplugged.

Hope this information helps!