CS Discoveries iPad Question



Does anyone have experience using code.org on iPads? Any advice or suggestions?


Hi @deberle,

According to this support article https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/articles/202591743-Technical-requirements-for-Code-org , iPads are not compatible with the CSD course. Unofficially, some or many of the widgets/GameLab might actually work, but I wouldn’t count on it and would anticipate interfaces often being a bit clunky since they weren’t designed to be used on tablets.



Yikes! I was told that with keyboards the curriculum was updated and would work on IPads.


If you were told that by a code.org staff member, I’m sure they are right. Code.org is constantly updating things based on teachers’ needs and feedback. It also might be the case that it technically works but we’re still not comfortable enough recommending teachers and students do the entire course using the device. It’s possible that it technically works in that you can type, but might still be cumbersome compared to using a “real” keyboard as recommended.

However, hopefully someone can answer your actual question about whether there’s any teacher who’s actually taught the course using iPads and what their experience was. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll keep you posted as my year progresses. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


I escalated this question to the code.org staff. They are quick to answer so you may not have to keep your fingers crossed too long. :grinning:


iPads can technically work for most of the course, as long as you have keyboards, but screen real estate will always be a restriction. You won’t be able to do unit 6 (physical computing) on an iPad because you can’t plug the Circuit Playgrounds in.


I have used iPads for CS Fundamentals and it worked ok, but I can see that in Discoveries there is so much going on on the screen that it wouldn’t work unless you had the bigger pro’s. A keyboard and mouse is ideal as well.