iPads and Circuit Playgrounds - CSD Unit 6

I see the tech specs for CSD have been updated to note that they work with an ipad with updated OS and external keyboard/mouse. Has anyone successfully used the ipads with Unit 6? Our tech director is trying to get rid of our Macs but I want to know if the Unit 6 lessons work before we sit down in a meeting to discuss.

Hi @bsanchez !

It’s true that the tech specs for CSD have been updated to include iPads, but the Maker unit has a different set of tech specs because of the additional hardware required - here’s the link to those requirements.

In short: Unit 6 won’t work on iPads because of behind-the-scenes restrictions with how a circuit playground connects with a device. For windows and mac users, students need to use the Maker app.

If this is a barrier for using this unit with your students, you can consider our AI/ML unit as a replacement, or the Microsoft Makecode activities if you still wanted to include a physical computing unit with your students.

Thank you. I will work to convince IT to continue to purchase laptops for us.