iPad Difficulties

Is there any update on students being able to use iPads to complete Unit 3? My students are all remote right now and most of them are using iPads. Units 1 and 2 worked fine overall, but now that we’re in unit 3, there are lots of issues. I read earlier posts about this, but was hoping there was a fix for this now. If there isn’t, any suggestions for an alternative for this unit? Do units 4, 5, and 6 work on iPads? Thanks for any help/guidance.


I would suggest you email support@code.org so they are aware of the demand for iPad compatible units. As far as I know, there are no immediate plans to make unit 3 work on iPads, but I’m not in the loop on a timeline. In regards to units 4-6, my guess is that you could do most of units 4 & 5 using iPads, but unit 6 may be a challenge and there may be some parts of unit 5 that may not work as well either. I will pass on your request, but I haven’t heard of anything imminent, unfortunately.


Thanks for your response. I’ll email support about it like you mentioned. Maybe it’ll help for the future. Thanks again!