Course A on ipads?


Has anyone used Course A on ipads? If so did it work well?


While I haven’t gone through Course A on an iPad, all of our CS Fundamentals puzzles are created to be used on phones, tablets, and computers.

I would say that if anyone has used Course A, Course B, or Course 1 on a tablet, this would be a good place to share!


We use Course A on iPads and it works. What wasn’t working for your students?


I did try course A with my Kindergarten students on the ipads. There were significant issues and I finally gave up. The course works on the ipad, but these are the problems I encountered:

  1. The course will only work in landscape mode and you can’t see the whole problem. Even logging in was difficult.
  2. The course is not set up to run automatically. It was too difficult for the kindergartners to navigate through the list and get to the proper spot.


Great feedback, thank you! We will look into that.



:sunglasses: is awesome

Thank you for sharing


Hello guys, afterwards it works perfect on iPad? I believe that all corrections were made and work well on iPad environment too. I’m going to use iPad to have a course.