iPad with CS Discoveries

Looking for suggestions? Since our school is closed down our students will be working remotely and Unit 3 does not work with with the iPads. Has anyone had success with Unit 2 on the iPads? I do not want to frustrate the kids by pushing them to work through Unit 3 on their devices (iPads), there for I am looking for alternatives.

We usually teach parts of Unit 1 Problem Solving (which ideas for at home implementation would be great). And then move onto Unit 3 Animation and Game Design. I have yet to teacher Unit 2 Web Design.

Thank you

I know this isn’t quite a response to your question as I have not tried unit 2 on iPads. In general, the CS Discoveries course doesn’t work too well on iPads, but someone may have more experience with a better answer.

I do know that if you want a variety of activities that will work on on iPad (some code.org, some from other providers), you can go to https://code.org/learn and click on iPads/Phones and it will show you compatible coding activities.

The downside is that they aren’t typically trackable in the code.org classroom, so you would have to find other ways for students to prove they did them. Fortunately for me, my school is checking out Chromebooks to students who need them while we are doing our online learning, but I would love to hear what others are doing now …