Can't get it to work! Help!


Hi! Can’t get my circuit playground to work! Is there a requirement for a certain version of Windows?


There are a couple of pieces needed to get the circuit playground working, including installing the Arduino drivers if you are on Windows. Please visit to run a test of your system configuration. If you are unable to get your board working from that setup page, use the survey to submit a support ticket to our developers.


Thanks for all the help!! We are up and running now! the problem was some restrictions at our school I had to work around!


I got the following question from our IT technician when I requested installation using “”. Can someone help me answer this question. thanks.

Hello there,
I am trying to deploy this software to multiple computers; multiple users per computer. Is there an msi installer so I can run it from SCCM to deploy it? Or are there any switched I can run after the .exe for silent install and to install for all users?

Thank you.


Our engineers are working a multi-user installer; we’ll report back here when it’s ready.


Hi there!

We’ve released Maker App 1.1.2, which includes an update to our Windows installer so instead of “one-click install” there should now be an “Install for all users” option.

We’re still working on an .msi installer, which we understand will enable installing over a network with a group policy. We’ll make sure to post here when it’s released.

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There is now an MSI installer at - we’re not yet sure how well it works for network installation, as we don’t have a Windows network to test on. If you get a chance to test it out, please let us know how it goes. Thanks!