Can't get it to work! Help!


Hi! Can’t get my circuit playground to work! Is there a requirement for a certain version of Windows?


There are a couple of pieces needed to get the circuit playground working, including installing the Arduino drivers if you are on Windows. Please visit to run a test of your system configuration. If you are unable to get your board working from that setup page, use the survey to submit a support ticket to our developers.


Thanks for all the help!! We are up and running now! the problem was some restrictions at our school I had to work around!


I got the following question from our IT technician when I requested installation using “”. Can someone help me answer this question. thanks.

Hello there,
I am trying to deploy this software to multiple computers; multiple users per computer. Is there an msi installer so I can run it from SCCM to deploy it? Or are there any switched I can run after the .exe for silent install and to install for all users?

Thank you.


Our engineers are working a multi-user installer; we’ll report back here when it’s ready.


Hi there!

We’ve released Maker App 1.1.2, which includes an update to our Windows installer so instead of “one-click install” there should now be an “Install for all users” option.

We’re still working on an .msi installer, which we understand will enable installing over a network with a group policy. We’ll make sure to post here when it’s released.

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There is now an MSI installer at - we’re not yet sure how well it works for network installation, as we don’t have a Windows network to test on. If you get a chance to test it out, please let us know how it goes. Thanks!


Is there a MSI for the current version of 1.1.5?


Hello. Not sure where to post these 2 questions. I have used part of the CSD curriculum and I am thinking about expanding it. Which unit do students overall like the most?

Secondly, I read somewhere about what version of circuit playground to buy for the CSD curriculum but I can’t find it. Isn’t one more advanced than the other? Or didn’t Adafruit come out with an improved device that works?





I would repost the “favorite units” post in a main thread rather than a Unit because people might not see it otherwise. I’ll keep an eye out for that post because I’m interested in what students like as well.

As for the version of Circuit Playground: this article talks about the difference between Express and Classic, but (and I’ll ask) I believe its more about the firmware installed now (link from Adafruit here).

Hope that helps!